Excel Techno Solutions

                          ERP Consulting

We have a team of experienced ERP Consultants in various enterprise solutions and products across industry verticals. We provide cost-effective software development, maintenance and project management services for small and medium scale Businesses. Our wide experience in providing IT solutions to various customers allows us to also offer vertical solutions, adapted to specific industries needs.

It can help you to transform your organisation into a customer-focused, agile entity by increasing access to critical business information in a more timely manner, improving customer retention through customer satisfaction and by streamlining your internal processes to work more efficiently.

Our ERP implementation services include:

  • Analysis

  • Business Process Prototype / Modeling

  • GAP Analysis

  • Monitoring and Controlling systems

  • Solution Design

  • Data Conversion / Development

  • Interfaces to third party Systems

  • System Integration Testing

  • User Acceptance Testing

  • Post Production Support